Company History

A unique sweet and gift experience

Founded by Laurie Davidoff in 1988 The Heaven Group (Pty) Ltd commenced trading 29 years ago - the first outlet was established in Small Street Mall, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The current executive team consist of Laurie Davidoff (Managing Director) and Greg Ginsberg (Financial Director). 

The Heaven Group (Pty) Ltd operates in over one hundred outlets throughout Southern Africa including SA, the UK and in Berlin. (60 company owned and 45 franchised stores).  The group trades under the brands Sweets From Heaven, Cosmic Candy, Brittans Sweets Zone and Sweets From Heaven  Candy Kiosks.

The first UK Sweets From Heaven outlet was opened in 1999 in Bluewater Mall, and today there are 10 Sweets From Heaven outlets plus a warehouse in the UK.

The Heaven Group ensures it keeps up with the changing market trends, and stocks unique products sourced from around the world.

Innovative & imaginative

heart The group has been operating in the UK since 1999 in some of the leading shopping malls with huge opportunities to open many more stores.

heart Having operated around the globe in the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Mauritius, Dubai and Thailand, today The Heaven Group (Pty) Ltd is still one of the leading                      independent confectionery and convenience retailer in the Southern African market, as well as continuing to broaden its base throughout the UK and Berlin market.

heart With its innovative design, eye-catching colours, world class merchandising and passionate employees, The Heaven formula continues to inspire and lead the                    specialized confectionery and gift market which it operated both in SA and the UK.


World-in-one sweet experience
  • Our store profile is that of the finest site locations throughout.
  • We are a “World in One”, offering the widest range of products both locally and internationally.
  • Tried and tested concepts
  • Market leaders in our field of expertise
  • Specialist retailers
  • Implicit understanding of management systems and controls
  • Effectively oversee and maintain a national operation
  • Trusted brands
  • Large customer base
  • Access to unique and exclusive stock lines
  • Bulk buying power
  • Exclusive international and local supply and distribution agreements.
  • Passionate executives and operational Heaven team
  • Strong franchise network
It's not how many customers come in it's how many come back
  • Strong and appealing colour schemes and setup are an integral part of our corporate identity within our stores.
  • Extensive effort and emphasis is placed on the correct store layout, design and colours.
  • We offer a theatrical shopping experience within our stores.
  • All staff are required to wear corporate uniforms and name tags.
  • Our striking packaging ensures that each customer who purchases our products, becomes a walking advertisement.
  • The unique and exciting identity of all our brands have been built over the past 29 years, and are some of the most recognisable and well known brands in the market today.